Natural Body Care

At Neter Divine, we just want to keep it natural and simple

What do we mean by natural? All of our products contain 100% Pure and Natural ingredients. No chemicals. No artificial colours. No animal by-products.

What do we mean by simple? All of our products contain easy to understand ingredients. Have you ever had difficulty trying to pronounce some of the ingredients used in other products?

Neter Divine will keep it simple.

Neter Divine's natural skin care products for the body and hair are made with roots, butters, herbs, spices and other all-natural ingredients. Neter Divine has introduced unique products for the family. Included in this array of products are: Lip balms, Body Butters, Body oils, Incense Oils, and Hair Food.

With the understanding that skin is different, Neter Divine has specialized in variety, with the goal of meeting the needs of the body, from sensitive to dry skin, scalp and hair.

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Neter Divine is a Woman owned, Montreal based company. It was formed out of the need to provide natural products for our families.